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BFEM Group is a team of dedicated Emergency industry specialists who are committed to the delivery of Emergency Training services which guarantee total regulatory compliance. BFEM Group is not just another Fire training service. It is committed to ensuring that our clients achieve compliance with all legal obligations and, acts to limit our client's liability, arising from an emergency situation.

BFEM Group Emergency operational team members will manage all aspects of emergency training needs. We take charge of the entire process and relieve our clients of the operational responsibilities associated with the management and supervision of this task. BFEM Group quality assurance and continuous improvement policies are subject to government auditing, which ensures that our clients and their tenants receive emergency training of the highest national standard. 

BFEM Group is recognised by industry as a premium service provider of Fire, Emergency and Evacuation Services as indicated by the rate of acceptance and ongoing demand demonstrated by both our clients and the marketplace.

                                                                                          "Real Training, Real Difference"

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BFEM's fire extinguisher training course will equip your personnel with the skills required to use fire extinguishers and fire equipment on small workplace fires. By training your personnel in fire extinguisher training , your organisation will ensure that your personnel are ready to deal with any workplace fire promptly and safely.